Wednesday, 2 March 2011

CD Challenge

Ive entered a challenge with 4 other folks, and each has chosen their theme so

CD1 ..........Pink with wings
CD2 .......... purple faces
CD3 .............The sea
CD4 .............dolphin's and blue

CD1.... The idea for this CD is wings that should be translucent so part of it will be see through hopefully I have stamped three pinkish butterflies in clear shrink plastic for the windows. Change of plan I couldn't cut into the CD, so need to rethink.

Ive decided to turn the CD into a flying bird, wind chime.

So first job was to bend CD using a heat gun and gentle pressure. Next a coat of gesso, followed by several of pink acrylic paint. I then stamped a darker pink crazy paving.

I started from the back and glued the tail feathers on using a glue gun and worked my way forward sticking pink eyelash wool, sequins of various sizes.

Next came a couple of red glitter sparkling wings and a pink fluffy underbelly.

I attached the spring to the top [made by winding some thick wire round a pencil] and the shrink plastic butterfly so that the bird took flightHere she is in her new home tweeting and flying

CD2....I have a theme of there is more to me than you can see. The Cd will be a face representing the many facets that we all have.

Firstly prepared the CD with a layer of gesso.
I made up some tissue with water and Pva and added a squirt of Arondak eggplant and pushed into a faces mold and left to harden so I had numerous dried heads. I put a base of purple marbled paper on the cd on which to build the face

I trimmed and stuck on the heads, mounted a saying and stamped and eye Then I filled in the cracks using aubergine crackle glaze.

.....My idea is loosely based on a famous painting by a Japanese artist called The wave. My idea is for a raised wave of blues greens and sparkling white.

I made a loose swirling pattern with pva and tissue to give a textured background. Painted the CD with greens, blues and glazes topped with white 3D glistening

CD4....This is to be a view of the sea, rocks drawing the eye to a sea scape in which a school of dolphins are frolicking.

I created a background with more pva and tissue, I cut some dolphin bits out of shrink plastic, so I had tails heads and backs. Next step painting.

I then stuck the dolphins so they were playing in the sea and touch the sea edges with white gesso to show the waves they made

All in all I'm pleased with results of this challenge.