Thursday, 6 January 2011

The Smelli Album

Some time ago my friend Caro came for a visit and we obviously headed for the nearest wonderful craft store. I'm very lucky that I have several, but my favorite is Capture the Magic, they are so friendly and ready to discuss and advise on anything!.

Well, some time later we came home with some hardboard D's with the intention of making smelli albums for each other. Last week she challenged me to finish them.
At the time I had no inspiration at all and was despondent.

But at 3am inspiration finally struck. She likes things to do with the sea and if you put the 2 D's together you end up with a squashed circle = a porthole, brilliant!.

So the plan is to decoupatch the background in various blue/green/sand colours.
Ink various sea stamps and emboss to bring to life and embelly with eyelash wools, so here we go.

I collected all the little bits of paper I had lurking around and pva'd them to the D's. I didn't go completely to the edges as i wanted them as smooth as possible.

Next I stamped, seaweed, sharks, shells, and mermaids and embossed them with various colours. FinallyI wound some eyelash wool into circles for anemones and textured sea fronds.

Now for the porthole. I had some copper metal sheeting used the D's as my templates and cut the outer ring, next I went into my kitchen cupboards and found a suitable sized dish and cut the inner circle. I backed the D's with a suitable coloured paper

Using the cropodile I cut the holes for the brads through the metal, hard board and backing paper and attached the brads. To hide the brads, I used the same process to cut a strip of contrasting paper and stuck this on the inside

I cuts some strips of card 2 1/2 in wide and folded them in half, punched holes to correspond with the ring holes in the D's. These were mountings for the smellies .

As a final embelishment I coated a wooden C in weak PVA and and covered it in 24crt gold leaf, for a 24 crt gold friend. The glue was allowed to dry throughly and then the excess buffed off with a soft cloth. A hole went into the top and it was hung from the bottom.

And there we go all done!


  1. love it, cant wait to see it :) luv ya loads xx

  2. What a stunning idea - very effective!