Tuesday, 3 May 2011


You are aiming for something like this


2 4x6 grey board [heavey weight card]

6 4x6ins paper

inside pages 3 ¾ x 6 ins plain coordinating paper

Rubber stamp of choice

Co ordinating ink pad

2 long pronged brads

Pritt stick

bone folder


Take the grey board and cut a strip 3/4 off then a following 1/4 ins.

Using one of of the 6x4 pieces, cover the 3x6 board

I used this maroon board instead of grey, but it is the same thickness

Now take a piece of the 4x6 ins and stamp an image, then tear this piece and stick to another 4x6 ins piece

Now stick the 3x6 grey board down and wrap the sides and stick

Now add any embellishments or decorations !!

next lay face up another 4x6 piece, and stick down the 3x6 and the 3/4 in strip. Make sure to leave the gap!!

now use the bone folder to make a firm crease

Turn over and back the page with another of the 4x6 pages.

Now cover the back board and now for the inner pages, these are all 3 3/4 ins by 6ins, put in as many as you wish.

Put a mask over the pages leaving just a 1/4 ins strip and stamp the image on this strip on every page

Now assemble the book, hold all together [a peg can be used to hold] and punch a h*** top and bottom and insert the brads, this means more pages can be added at a later date

Here is the finished book

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