Wednesday, 21 December 2011

DAY 11

DAY 11
Phew nearly there, this tags been a bit of an experiment and, well, I like it
The background is a crumpled tag with burlap and spiced marmalade brushed across the folds and the flattened.
The rossette is a strip of Anitas christmas borders which was scored every cm on one side then turned over and scored every cm on the other side in between the other scores. I then folded up the paper backwards and forwards to make the crinkles.
I needed to trim a cm off the top and bottom of the papaer because it was too big at this point. I stuck the 2 ends together I gently flattened so the rosette formed
Next I stamped a circle onto pearl red paper and stuck this in the middle. A 2 and a 5 die cut on the top completed the tag.


  1. well i tried this tech and i went a bit metal doing it lol, glad you mastered it as i just couldnt lol xx

  2. I really love this tag Shendy, and I want to pass on to you the Liebster Award. Please accept this and visit my blog for further details.
    Hugs Bex xx