Friday, 1 April 2011

3D Altered CD's

The Idea for this CD was a tranquil garden. To me some of the most beautiful and tranquil gardens are oriental, places to just sit and be.
So I set about planning, I decided to split the garden into 3 sections using a corner die cut. I cut 2 black and cardboard stiffener for each partition piece. I used 2 pieces as outside backs and 1 protruding in towards the centre.
Then I added the zen garden a whirl of PVA glue into which I dropped a grey stone fine grit and in the very centre of the CD I put a deep blue round bead.
Starting from left to right I used a Chinese bead and pulled through some eyelash wool, and set it as a pot into sawdust.
The other side of the fence. I used pipe cleaners, wool, beads, stones and pot pourri to make the vegetation. A lolly pop stick cut and trimmed and set upon 2 beads makes the bench.
The Chinese lanterns are made from 2 polystyrene balls hanging off wires. The river is scrunched tissue with a fish bead and cardboard bridge
The whole CD is set on 6 beads as feet

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