Monday, 4 April 2011

Another 3D CD

Paradise Island

I wanted to make a surprise for a friend who likes all things nautical, so a 3d island was just the thing I thought. I wanted palm tress, a hammock, beach hut, with a bit of macabre to balance, so grave stones, shrunken heads etc.

So the first starting point was to layer up loads of sawdust to act like sand each layer was allowed to dry before the next application. Whilst doing this i worked on the individual elements.

Palm trees
, these were to be constructed using eyelash and mixed fiber wools. I used wire, fairly thick so they would a] stand up and b] be able to thread through the hole and fix.
Three I felt was the right number i needed. It took a long time threading the wool in to a trunk and 5 branches per tree.
Once I had them constructed I started to add texture via colour so I sprayed the top of the trees with pesto, let it dry and then darkened the main branch with..........distressed ink
The coconuts were card candy coloured with distressed tea dye and stuck under the branches.
The parrots were a couple of beads covered in flocking and feathers attached via thin wire to the trees

Beach hut made by weaving some raffia and distressing with tea die

a pre trimmed shell

Guitar a charm stuck to tree trunk

Hammock a piece of pot porri glued between the trees, the beach canoe was also a smaller piece of seed shell. a bit of yellow paper made the pillow and a few bits of tissue paper made a book

Graves lolly pop sticks trimmed and charm crosses added and beded into sawdust, bit of gesso turned the wood bleached

Shrunken Heads
small heads stuck on bits of sticks, feathers for hair and pushed into the sawdust

After finishing the assembling, the sea was next.....yes its high tide.....was some coloured gesso on tissue paper for texture when dry i topped it with white gesso and some glistening stickles.

i hope she likes it.


  1. She loved this didnt she, such a wonderful piece of art

    judie xx

  2. THIS IS MINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ALL MINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! oh you dont know HOW much i love this :) xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx