Saturday, 2 July 2011

Make a Birdy house


1 A4 sheet of paper

1 contrast piece of paper 41/2 x 6 ins

Die cut shapes





Down load the following templateMake the print out fill the whole of the A4, before you cut out, paint and stamp on the reverse side. I used spray paints for a mottled effect

then cut out and score the dotted lines.

Bend in all the little tabs and bend all folds, using your bone folder from the 2 central lines curl/condition the sides by stroking with the flat of the bone folder, only as far as the tab

dab little bits of glue on tabs and stick sides, each end at a time, allow to dry overnight.

Take the contrast piece and score 1/4 on each of the 2 long sides and then in half at 3insfold in half and snip a 45 degree angle through the 1/4 in fold, to form the gables

Cover the roof piece with die cut strips and distress with inks.

A small h*** can be made in top to hang, before glueing down.

Fill, stuff etc the insides NOW.

Glue roof on and leave overnight Finally add diecuts and decorations etc

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