Saturday, 30 July 2011

Wings and Things

This was for a wings and things challenge
I started with a large empty sellotape roll into which i pushed 8 wires and pulled to the top, i twisted them together making a loop for hanging and a loop to hold part of an old christmas tree decoration.
I digitally played about with a peacock image and cut out out the 2 printed sides. I used an embossing tool to bend the paper making the bird 3 d. next i cut a wedge into a piece of bambo and glued the peacock to it.
When dry, i threaded bells either end and a wire to hang from the top of the cage.
Next I glued riboon around the base, and threaded an eyelash wool through the bars.
A paper was adhered card to the inside and finally added the base, when dry i glued sawdust to the bottom, coloured some with charcoal ink to simulate ashes and finally stuck egg shell to the bottom.
Added a tag with the words
From ashes beauty arises

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