Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Decorating jars

Well I entered an alter a coffee jar competition on Craftymess.
My inital idea was to do a block jar.

We all get mental blocks and loss of inspiration, this jar contains 4 different shapes, 1 shape has colour, then next has type of card, the next main feature, embellishment. The jar is to be shaken and 1 or 2 colours pulled out, 1 or 2 embellishments, but only 1 featureand type of card. I put easy options on the coloured side, and harder options on the white side with black/white gel pen

I wanted an indian type theme so i wanted to trap sequines between glass and decopatch paper.
I coated inside of jar with PVA and randomly added squines. I then tore up the 3 differnt types of decopatch paper and added them on top, using more PVA over the top as a seal.

When dry i filled the jar with the mountboard shapes added an instruction card and decorated the jar top with threads, cords and charms.
Here are the results

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  1. What a great idea to use decopatch inside the jar! I like the idea of doing an ideas jar, we all need inspiration at times :) x