Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Metal Plaque

My challenge on Craftmess is to do a metal plaque using embossing folders, alcohol inks, different metals and techniques. Some parts were embossed and burnished in flame, some parts free hand embossed, some pierced.
Top left was freehand embossing with an alcohol ink wash and then rubbed with sand paper to bring back the metalbase of a copper coated metal, next a piece of foil container embossed with a folder and alcohol ink dripped on. next a coke can pierced using a stencil, alcohol ink blended on top off
Middle row coke can free hand embossed and alcohol inked, next coke can embossed using a folder and burnised in flame, finally an embossing frame covered in a single colour and sanded back to foil, a jem in centre
Bottom row, freehand embossing, piercing and sanding on foil. next a copper piece with pen top embossing alcohol allowed to run through circles and sanding back to silver metal. on the final piece i stamped an image and embossed free hand, i then blended an alocohol mix and i sanded back to the silver metal.
As it was difficult to photograph so here are 3 others to show the work


  1. wow that is stunning your very talented Shendy x love jacquie x

  2. wow how did i miss this challenge ?? i love this so much xx