Thursday, 9 December 2010


Firstly I stamped this wonderful stamp, given to me by my special friend Vonxy, in magenta. Using waterdown distressed inks of weathered wood, dried marigold and moss green I dabbed paint into the various sections, i was not aiming to keep to the lines, just to colourise a general area. Will be doing this technique again as the results were fabby!!

Next I die cut a couple of stockings out of watercolour paper.

For the right hand stocking I used good old mahogany again, using my craft knife, attacked the edges for a 'fluffy' effect only on the main body of the sock. I overstamped with the magenta a highly patterned background, masking the top, toe and heel. Then I added a small strip of pearly flowers.I finished by edging the whole thing with neat mahogany ink, the fluffy areas absorbing more ink

For the next sock, I again attacked the main body of the sock with my craft knife, as I was going to attempt to make a knitted line effect I needed to do this first. with a sponge I used dried marigold on the top, heel and toe of the sock. Using the edge only of the sponge I made small lines going down the body, whilst this was still wet iI repeated the process using the mahogany and allowed these to seep into each othe, when dry I went back over with the marigold. I didn't do a complete coverage of colour, because i liked some of the white showing through.
I topped this sock with some furry wool. This time I went around the edges with the dried marigold.

Using some gold cord wrapped around a couple of brads, to act as hangers, I over stuck the socks down.
Three wooden geese finished this project.

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