Thursday, 9 December 2010


The background tag was made by firstly washing the whole area with peralised pale blue and pink acrylic paint. the I sprayed stream and cranberry washes very lightly all over.

I stamped a bare tree using olive green stayzon, both heavy and lightly for distance, then added opaque stckles to the branches.

Using mashed tissue in warm water and 1 teaspoon of pva, I squashed the mixutre into a chocolate church mould and left to dry.

I painted the church with distressed tea ink watered down, when dry I chalked yellow and orange into the window and top of church. I used dark brown chalk and went around the door and the window frame, add various other shades of brown to the walls to give a feeling of depth. I sprayed the whole thing with firm hold hairspray.

I took a strip of paper and cut the angle of the roof followed by some thin iceicles, these I covered in stickles. After letting the first coat dry I added another and let that dry. When the paper was finally dry i trimmed the edge and length of paper to fit. I attached it to the top of the church using PVA.

I stuck the church to the tag with PVA, added more PVA to the roof and bottom of the tag, then dipped it in fake snow

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